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Thinking of Selling?

If you're considering selling property in today's market, you need to be informed and the property needs to be marketed.  For first time sellers, the process can be overwhelming.  For those who have sold in the past, the process can be very different from what they remember.  For all sellers alike, the first question is...

"What's it worth?"

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

An agent from Today Realty will prepare a thorough CMA on your property at no cost.  We will search all the recent sales of similar properties in the area and provide you with hard data on what's being sold and at what price.  We'll also comb the current "For Sale" market and inform sellers if similar properties are being offered in the area.  Like-kind properties sold or offered for sale are factors used by banks and buyers to determine value.  We'll tell our sellers what's going on in the market and listen to their needs and expectations.

On-Site Evaluation

 Comps can only give us a general idea of value and all homes are different.  An agent from Today Realty will visit your property and inform you about any possible "red flags."  These include violations, unsafe conditions, or minor maintenance issues which may deter possible buyers.  Sellers should be aware of these conditions prior to marketing the property.  We will guide sellers towards solutions that will reduce or eliminate any concerns a buyer might have to bring them a smooth sale.

Marketing Your Property

Once a seller has determined the price, it's time to market the property.  Today Realty Corp offers a comprehensive marketing plan that includes quality signage, local print advertising and a massive internet exposure campaign on popular home buyer's search sites including:,,,,             yahoo! and much, much more.  We employ internet tools such as Virtual Tours, Mortgage Calculators and personal email Listing Notifications to help ensure that whoever comes to view our listings is a serious potential buyer.  We also provide...

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Should  a seller choose to do so, Today Realty Corp. can use our MLS membership standing to place the property in the Bronx-Manhattan & Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Services.  Through this we can effectively allow hundreds of other reputable brokerages to show the property.  Showings are done only through the seller's Today Realty Listing Agent.  Our MLS exposure makes the property available to all participating MLS broker's buyers and their offers, guaranteed.

   The Today Realty Difference

 Today Realty Corp. Brokers and Agents are available to all our seller's concerns on a full-time basis.  Rest assured, your Today Realty agent will be educated and involved. We accompany showings and encourage offers.  We will fully market our seller's property to satisfaction.  We will maintain and express an open and forthright account of all showings, offers and market fluctuations. 

Above all, we will do our best to sell your property.


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